Stay all day, party all night! Long-lasting makeup tips

Here are my top 5 pro tips for making your look last all day!

1. Blot paper - one of the most underrated items in my kit. Not only do they do the obvious and blot excess oil from your face, you can use these miracle sheets (or blot powder) in more ways than one.

They work as a makeup setter - pat your face with blotting paper after applying creamy makeup to absorb excess oil and help it stay intact.

Same goes for lipstick. Blotting absorbs oils and emollients, while leaving the pigments.

Instead of dry shampoo - blotting paper massaged into your roots will soak up excess oil.

They’re also great for degreasing your mobile phone screen!

2. Concealer palette – important for reapplication especially after eating. Sometimes you need to cover a spot, other times you’re in need of some brightening, or maybe you need to cover some sunburn. A good palette can do it all!

3. Lip colour – whether it’s a stain or a lipstick, make sure this is in your carry around kit to touch up throughout the day. Make that lippy last by applying one layer, blotting, a light dusting of translucent powder, and then applying again to help lock the colour in place.

4. A makeup setting spray – I love Fix Plus spray from MAC. It helps rework tired looking makeup, and keeps your face fresh and flawless. To use, simply hold the bottle around 40cm away from your face and after a few sprays, you can rework foundation to look as fresh as when you first applied it.

5. Brushable Hairspray - use a light brushable hairspray to give volume and hold without chunky buildup. As it's brushable, you can continue to use the product all day, brushing any excess out. Touch up roots with blotting paper or dry shampoo before heading out for the night.

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