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Mobile makeup artist Sydney.

Makeup for television and film.

The use of makeup is divided into three categories:

  • Basic - designed to compensate for undesirable changes in appearance introduced by the television process.

  • Corrective - designed to enhance positive attributes and downplay flaws.

  • Character - which introduces major changes in appearance.

Although people might think that makeup is reserved for people "who just want to look better" on TV or in film, in actual fact, makeup may be required to just retain a subject's normal appearance.

This is because the television and film processes to some degree can introduce (or make obvious) undesirable attributes to skin tones and features.

Fashion Advertising television and film makeup artists. 

modern digital cameras have skin enhancing setup options that can reduce, but generally not eliminate, the need for makeup.

In particular, they can appreciably smooth out wrinkles and conceal minor blemishes.

Video engineers may not always want to apply these mobile techniques, however, since they to some degree degrade optimum video sharpness, color, and quality. That where we come in.

The mobile makeup artists at Makeup Sydney say:

"We are self confessed makeup geeks who have been plying our craft for years and will draw on those years of experience when working on your television and film project".